Itís what most directors hate, or even fear - but it doesnít have

to be. Now you can sell music...your music, and we can help.

Make Money by Making Music!!

McWhorter Records is the full service recording company in

the heart of Western New York and we can take the pain out of

fundraising, but still help you make the money you need for

that special event or trip youíre planning.

We at McWhorter Records hold client relations in the highest

regard, and thatís why we feel itís important to allow you and

your group to be in charge of your project. Thatís right, you

have creative control over all aspects of the job - from how it

looks to the how much you want to invest. Itís our job to make

sure it gets done correctly, professionally and quickly.



A personal note:

Kirk learned his love for music by playing in the renowned

Attica High School Band.  His mentor,   Don Rogers, fueled

his talents and love for music, and the high school band trips

were always a priority. Fundraising was key. 


Later in his work, while recording school programs for

parents and families, he realized that he could give back to

the crucial life experiences he enjoyed while in school by

providing an exclusive opportunity to students and their

teachers by offering a special program to bring in money

for band trips, while offering the students and their

directors the opportunity to be recorded,  not only for

the fundraiser but also to provide the recordings to the

participants for portfolios  or personal pride.


Here are some things that we feel you should know:

If music is what you do, then music is what you should sell.

Why should you be selling pizzas and oranges when you are

musicians and educators? By selling your music you are

promoting your ensemble, as well as providing a valuable

experience for the performers.

The act of professionally recording a music CD is something

that most people never get the chance to experience.

From your rehearsals to our recording, this is something

that can be fun instead of feeling like a chore.

Music CDs can have the highest return on your initial

investment. Wouldnít it be nice to double or even triple

the amount of return you see on a project, rather than

make ten or fifteen cents on the dollar?

Music CDs can be on-going income, not just something you

sell for a dayor a week, but rather something that can make

you money for years to come.

As the need for fundraising continues, itís time to work smarter,

not harder. Itís time to make music as well as money. Itís time

to become part of the McWhorter Records family. Contact us

today to see how you can record your group or ensemble and

produce a professional music CD. *also available in digital

format if preferred

Itís easier than you think!

call  for details. 585-591-2442