West Highland Studio Equipment List



Creation Station 450X

Visio High Definition Monitor



Alesis XT20 ADAT Tape Machine

ZOOM H2 Portable Digital Recorder

Sony 59ES DAT Machine

Technics RST22 Duel Cassette Recorder

Mega Lynx 7 Disc Multiple Burner


Mixing Boards:

Behringer 2442A Mixing Desk

Behringer MX2004A Mixing Console


Outboard Gear:

Lexicon MPX-100 Multi Effect Processor

Yamaha SPX-90 Multi Effects Processor

Behringer PX2000 Patchbays

Samson S-phone Multi Channel Headphone Amp


Key Boards & Midi:  

E-mu Proteus/2 Sound Modual

Yamaha SY-77 Keyboard

Yamaha Clavinova Weighted Controller

M-Audio Keystation 49e


Monitors and Monitor Amp: 

TOA 280-ME Near Field Monitors

Sonics Near Field Monitors

Technics SU-V6X Integrated Power Amp








Audio Technica














In House Percussion:

Ludwig Five Piece Drum Kit (8 ply maple)

Tama Swingstar Snare

DW Kick Pedal

Zildian and Paste Cymbals

Various percussion instruments too numerous to list.


In House Stringed Instruments: 

Fender JG268 Acoustic Guitar

Westone Pantera 4 String Bass

Schecter 5 String Bass

Antique Mountain Dulcimer

Antique Violin

Bowed Psaltry

Celtic Lap Harp



Technics DC Servo Linier Tracking Turntable

Korg CA-20 Digital Tuner

JL Cooper MIDI Interface

Carvin PBII-100 Pro Bass II Amp

In House Backing Vocalists



Editing Software            



Wavelab Elements 7

Personal Audio Editing System

New session management concept with Workspaces

15 first-class VST3 plug-ins including Studio EQ, VST Dynamics, Compressor and Gate

Audio Montage, basic selection of editing tools and marker support

High-end restoration suite from plug-in specialists Sonnox, consisting of DeNoiser, DeClicker and DeBuzzer

Audio analyzing and metering tools, including 3-D pectrum view and Spectroscope

DIRAC 2.2 time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms



Auto-Tune 7

World Standard Professional Pitch and Time Correction

The second generation of Evo Voice Processing Technology for even higher quality pitch shifting and throat modeling

The ability to fine-tune vocal timbre by adjusting Throat Length on an individual correction object basis

An enhanced Graphical Mode Adjust Vibrato function

Increased maximum vertical zoom range (to one cent per pixel) in Graphical Mode

Expanded keyboard shortcuts to incorporate the new time manipulation controls



Ministry of Rock

Featuring Shane Gibson, quitarist with Stori/Schwarzenator/KoRn, Greg Suran, guitarist with Goo Goo Dolls/Avril Lavigne/Glee, Doug Rappaport, guitarist with Edbar Winter/Potent, Tal Berman, drummer with Billy Idol, LL Cool J, Rod Stewart, Terence Trent Darby, Joe Zawinul



3 large rock kits (DW, Gretch, Ludwig) recorded in EastWest Studio 1, plus 6 additional snares

New live technology makes ultisampled drums sound like a live performance

Repetition samples for everything and extreme dynamics

3 mic positions let you dial in the right room sound

Legendary sound using Neve, Newmann, Telefunken, AKG, Manley, Fairchild, Royer, Chandler and Meitner gear



Fender Jaguar, Fender Telecaster Thinline, Carvin 7 String, Baritone, Gibson Les Paul, Schecter 7 string

All guitars featuring round robin, hammer on and pull off legato, sliding legato and dozens of techniques

Dual channel recordings let you pick a wicked real amp sound or use the direct signal with you favorite plugins

Fender, Divided by Thirteen, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Bogner and Vox Amps



MOR 2 includes all the remasted content from Harcore Bass and Hardcore Bass XP, Fender, Hofner, Gibson, Silvertone, Rickenbacker, Musicman and Lakland basses

All new 5 string Musicman Stingray bass with 7000 samples and true legato


57 Gig collection produced by Nick Phoenix

The ultimate rock VI recorded in EastWest Studio 1, 2 & 3

Drums sound like a live performance with Live Technology



Quantum Leap GYPSY

Quantum Leap Gypsy features a collection of extremely detailed Gypsy style virtual instruments capable of playing completely realistic performances. Gypsy is essential for film, tv and game composers.

The nylon string guitar, violin and trombone can play in both Gypsy and Classical styles. In the classical realm these three instruments are unparalleled in the sampling world in terms of payability, diversity and sound quality. The new king of sampled violins has arrived. The violin and trombone feature many articulations, repetitions and even multi-speed true legato intervals.


GYPSY’s guitars sound incredible and were played by one of the best session guitarists in Los Angeles, David Kole. All of the guitars were sampled with up and down strokes, many velocities and picking styles, release trails, chords and effects. Flamenco guitar is a one of a kind masterpiece. The accordions feature many different setups, all with air flow in and out samples, as well as expressive samples, chords and left hand bass. GYPSY also has a very cool GYPSY percussion program and two flamenco dancers (foot stomps, as well as traditional castanets). GYPSY also features an incredible bandoneon and cimbalom, two very rare instruments



Symphonic Orchestra


The Way An Orchestra Should Sound